Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Sustainable Energy Working Group]

Assessment of Biomass Energy Potential
in New Jersey--Version 2.0

Photo of a corn field. In September 2006, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities commissioned the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) to conduct an assessment of New Jersey's biomass and the potential for bioenergy production in the state. The resulting report, "Assessment of Biomass Energy Potential for New Jersey" was completed in July 2007. The Rutgers EcoComplex updated the report in July 2015 and has released version 2.0 that reflects the ongoing changes in biomass feedstock supply as well as the technologies used to produce bioenergy*. In this report you will find:

  1. Updated Feedstock Assessment - characteristics and quantity of biomass feedstocks;
  2. Updated Technology Assessment - updated efficiencies and technology adoption information;
  3. Updated statewide mapping of waste/biomass resources and bioenergy potential;
  4. Estimated potential greenhouse gas emissions reductions based on scenarios (a new section);
  5. Policy recommendations for moving New Jersey into the forefront of bioenergy innovation.

The ultimate goal is that these deliverables will create a well-informed base upon which to develop viable bioenergy programs for New Jersey.

*Biomass energy is a broad definition for biologically-derived renewable materials that can be used to produce heat, electric power, transportation fuels and bio-based intermediaries, products and chemicals.

Photo of a refinery. In addition, the Bioenergy Calculator, and interactive biomass resource database were updated with more current biomass and technology information that estimates potential biopower and biofuel generation from current and projected biomass feedstocks in New Jersey through 2025. The results of this study create a strong foundation for developing a bio-based renewable energy industry in the state. Recommended next steps include the establishment of an effective institutional, regulatory and feedstock supply infrastructure, as well as comprehensive strategic and tactical industry development plans.

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